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Children in Care Council

April 2012 saw Thurrock Open Door taking charge of Thurrock’s Children in Care Council (CICC).

The CICC was originally established by Thurrock Council and following negotiations with the Council, the CICC youth representatives were successful in having it transferred to the management of Thurrock Open Door, so that meetings could be run independently.

The CICC is now a group of young people in care aged 11-21 who meet monthly to discuss issues that matter to them and their peers. They take part in consultations about services provided to them. They inform Thurrock directors, the corporate parent panel and local councillors of their wishes and feelings about the topics they have discussed. The group has the opportunity to help improve everyone’s journey whilst in care, meeting monthly and participating in other meetings when required.

Open Door provides support advice and guidance to the young people, helping them t o arrange and manage the meetings,  and to manage and maintain positive working relationships with officials.

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